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The widespread use of qualified inclusive education has become an important goal in many EU countries.They have embraced and adapted their support services to improve their quality of inclusive education. As in many European countries, support services are required. Among these support services in inclusive education, resource room (RR) model is also widely used in schools. However, the teachers who are not in the special education area who provide services in this application need support in giving education at all levels according to the potentials of students with special needs (SEN). It is necessary to go through a number of improvements in the nature of both the teachers, the programs to be implemented.


The UDL4U project aims to increase the quality of support education services by planning activities such as organizing workshops to determine needs and problems; organizing the mobility to see the applications in place by partner countries in the project; developing a number of standard development activities that can measure the quality of RR model; developing the general education teacher (GET) training program, named GETInvolved, based on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles; organizing an international congress.


Improvement of the professional qualifications of teachers who practice the RR model through an education and training program


Teacher training through new methods, techniques and approaches to provide education to European standards for children with special needs


Established innovative teaching methods such as creative theater as well as scientific methods used in the field of special education.

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The UDL4U project is composed of 8 partners from various countries.


The target groups of the project are general education teachers-staff who work with SEN students in the RR. One of the most important part of the poject is the vocational training of the general education teachers-staff for 5 days.They will gain the training in France,Bastia the leader partner in universal desinged learning. When these teachers-staff will have completed the training they will be the mentors and will be responsibe for training at least 600 general education teachers in their countries locally. They will be responbile for giving hand to prepare the project module and practice book.For this purpose while we are determinding the participants for ToT we will get support from Regional and local Authorities in partner counties.